How To Start General Trading License in Dubai?

How to start general trading business in Dubai?

The commodity business is thriving in Dubai very well, because being a port that is connected to world corners it has been proved heaven for import and export of the goods. A classic trading company is an intermediary about buying from producers and selling to consumers, over the past decades a big element of that was actually in the commodities world.


The roles of the general trading companies are to eliminate the imbalance between the stuff produced and where they are needed. The general trading companies are not having much in terms of fixed assets that are more about working capital receivables. Inventory analysts love things fixed or under to understanding the business. The scenario has changed for the general trading companies comparatively 30 years ago, the availability of IT has made the presence easy and in control for the companies. The IT has to lead to informational advantages about the market trends across the global corners.


  • You simply buy at price ‘X’ and hold onto your position. You do this because you think the market in whatever you have bought is going to rise.
  • If that happens, you can sell then sell at price ‘Y’ and make a nice profit.
  • As you can see, there is always a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’ when trading. Your aim as a trader is to more often be on the winning side of the trade and thus profit.
  • There are many reasons people buy and sell, with banks, companies, pension funds, hedges funds, etc. all involved in the financial markets. However, for the purpose of retail trading, those are the main components we need to understand


  • Legal documents by owner or partners for license application
  • DED will approve and register the company name
  • Passport copies of the owner/owners
  • Notarize the Memorandum of Association from the Court
  • DED will issue the license after the final submission of documents


  • 100% expat ownership – NO UAE LOCAL REQUIRED
  • Tax-free influence
  • Local and international trading provision
  • Auditing is not a compulsion
  • The legal process is hindrance free
  • A wide range of banking facilities
  • Easy access to visas for employees
  • No currency restrictions
  • paid-up capital not required
  • capital and profits repatriation is 100%
  • less import duty


Global trade is the hottest topic in the world of politics and economics right now – be it China and the US; the Belt and Road Initiative, or the UK/EU Brexit negotiations. While the outcomes are uncertain today, therein huge opportunities lie. Business confidence in the UAE is on the upswing as preparations for Expo 2020 Dubai gain momentum, two surveys show. The survey of over 9,100 companies in 35 countries and territories, noted that with businesses, tourists, and officials from 190 countries set to visit the UAE for Expo 2020, companies in the UAE are already assessing the medium to long-term international opportunities the global event will bring.


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Mainland Company Setup

Complete exemption from corporate tax
Possible to operate from UAE
No Capital requirements
No currency restrictions
Employment visa processing made simple
Repatriation of profits and capital
No audit requirements
Minimum responsibility and maximum benefits
Single person can open up an LLC
The maximum number persons or employees an LLC can have is 50
Corporate bank account in UAE
The UAE Companies law does not prescribed any minimum share capital but the entity should have adequete capital to achieve the incorporation purpose. Normally accepted minimum share capital for an LLC registered in Dubai was AED 100,000.

Presently, there is no requirements to deposite the share capital in UAE local bank.

Draft the MOA and AOA
Help in obtaining approval from DED
Registering the company name
Acquiring out an office space