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Associate with Local Partner to Setup Business in Dubai

To receive the Mainland Dubai Business set up license the companies have to be a partner with UAE’s local company. It is mandatory for every new business who want to set up the business in Dubai.

Reliable local partner

A Reliable and Powerful UAE Local Partner will hold 51% shares except for oil and gas, water distribution and electricity. The UAE national company will remain in power of 51% shares. The UAE Government will make the percentage invalid if there is any kind of title. Bizgate Business Setup Services LLC is there to find the local partner for your business. You just need to relax and they will do the task on behalf of you. Choosing a partner is a tough task and coming from a different country and searching for a trusted local partner is a hectic task. Hence, our service will never disappoint you.

Trust the service provider

To find the Reliable and Powerful UAE Local Partner we do not have to spend too much time. With years of experience, we have a list of the trusted service provider. We can guarantee you the quality service without any jitty. If you are new to Dubai, then taking help from Bizgate Business Setup Services LLC will not give you a second thought. We are ready to offer you quality service. Our services are trustworthy and we understand the need of the clients and help them in all possible circumstances.

Work with clients

We work closely with clients and gives the best that will suit their business in Dubai. Setting up a new business or branch in a new land is not an easy task. One has to follow all the rules and regulations of that particular country. Come to us, talk with our experts and we are here to assist you in every possible way.

The Commercial Companies Law requires companies to adopt a form of partnership with a UAE national or a company owned by UAE nationals for mainland company license . The UAE counterpart(s) must hold at least 51% of the shares. Companies that undertake certain activities, such as oil companies with concession agreements, companies involved in the oil and gas industry, companies that produce electricity and gas, companies involved in treatment, transmission and distribution of water, are exempt from the 51% requirement. Foreign banks are also exempt from having to appoint a sponsor. At least 51 per cent of the equity of the company has to be in the hands of a UAE national. Any transfer of the title of any share of a partner that may affect the percentage as set out above shall be invalid. Nevertheless, foreign investors may undertake the management of the company. So Bizgate helps you in finding local partner so you may just relax and focus on the business while this chosen partner is proved to be a security hedge for the business.



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Mainland Company Setup

Complete exemption from corporate tax
Possible to operate from UAE
No Capital requirements
No currency restrictions
Employment visa processing made simple
Repatriation of profits and capital
No audit requirements
Minimum responsibility and maximum benefits
Single person can open up an LLC
The maximum number persons or employees an LLC can have is 50
Corporate bank account in UAE
The UAE Companies law does not prescribed any minimum share capital but the entity should have adequete capital to achieve the incorporation purpose. Normally accepted minimum share capital for an LLC registered in Dubai was AED 100,000.

Presently, there is no requirements to deposite the share capital in UAE local bank.

Draft the MOA and AOA
Help in obtaining approval from DED
Registering the company name
Acquiring out an office space