How To Start Human Resource Consultancy Lincense In Dubai?


The Human Resources Business role contributes to the company performance by providing tactical and strategic consulting on people and organization development strategies in support of the business objectives. Performs HR-related duties at the professional level while supporting more than one functional group. The firm will carry out responsibilities in the following functional areas: talent acquisition; employee relations consultation; policy interpretation and application, performance and compensation management consultation; and talent management consultation. The firm must carry out additional responsibilities to include organizational design; employee development initiatives and training.


The world is undergoing dramatic changes in virtually every dimension. Trends in the external environment place seemingly paradoxical demands on the HR function. These include:

  • Outside/In: HR must understand and anticipate external trends and stakeholder expectations and build aligned internal capabilities and actions.
  • Business/People: HR must focus on both delivering business results and improving the organization
  • Individual/Organization: HR should target strengthening both individual ability and organizational capabilities.
  • Past/Future: HR should respect the heritage of the organization and work to shape a future that generates more value to stakeholders.
  • Event/Sustainability: Develop and effectively implement integrated solutions that will be sustainable over time.
  • Administrative/Strategic: HR must attend to delivering both day-to-day administrative HR services as well as more long-term strategic practices.
  • Global/Local: HR must be able to rise above their specific market or business and see how it fits into the bigger global picture of the company


The UAE is living up to its image of being a hub for ‘Connecting Minds’ as it has bagged the top spot in the latest research conducted by Dubai Knowledge Park and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society.


A sustainable, knowledge-based economy cannot be created without world-class people practices. A profound takeaway from this survey is the degree of confidence that HR stakeholders from around the world have in the potential of the UAE to become not just a regional hub of HR excellence but a global leader in the field.


The online survey collected responses from 835 employees of HR companies from 27 countries across Europe, the GCC region, and Asia. The research found that the UAE tops the list of emerging HR hubs by an overwhelming margin, outranking established markets such as Singapore and Malaysia. Meanwhile, the respondents consider the USA to be the unequivocal global leader in innovative HR practices, followed by the UK, Canada, and Australia. In terms of emerging markets, the UAE is the prime contender, outweighing countries such as Singapore, India, and Finland.


Another notable finding concerns the ease of setting up a business. While the surveyed professionals have identified the USA as the easiest location to set up and operate an HR organization, with Canada and the UK placing second and third respectively, the UAE ranks fourth – and first amongst emerging markets – ahead of Australia, Europe, and Singapore.


The UAE also takes fourth place among the best locations for an HR organization to expand internationally, outranking established HR hubs such as the USA and Australia, with Europe, Canada, and the UK amongst the top three.


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Mainland Company Setup

Complete exemption from corporate tax
Possible to operate from UAE
No Capital requirements
No currency restrictions
Employment visa processing made simple
Repatriation of profits and capital
No audit requirements
Minimum responsibility and maximum benefits
Single person can open up an LLC
The maximum number persons or employees an LLC can have is 50
Corporate bank account in UAE
The UAE Companies law does not prescribed any minimum share capital but the entity should have adequete capital to achieve the incorporation purpose. Normally accepted minimum share capital for an LLC registered in Dubai was AED 100,000.

Presently, there is no requirements to deposite the share capital in UAE local bank.

Draft the MOA and AOA
Help in obtaining approval from DED
Registering the company name
Acquiring out an office space