How To Start A Nursery License In Dubai?


How to start a nursery school in Dubia?

One needs to understand that in the 21st century the education has become more customized than standardized. Educated parents look forward to giving a better ambiance of education to their offspring. Early childcare and pre-school policies have become an important focus of the government’s strategy for improving the well-being of children, either through the enabling effect that childcare has on allowing parents to work or through other more direct effects of early education on children. A Nursery should shed light on the question of how effective early pre-school and schooling is for improving the well-being of children, and whether any impacts are likely to be long-lasting.


Pre-school education is defined as taking place in establishments regularly attended by the child outside his or her own home in order to participate in educational activities, before starting school. These include formal center-based care in the form of nurseries, and other more informal settings such as playgroups, which also give children the opportunity to interact with peers and typically expose children to learning experiences.


The design of the nursery school aims at providing a space for children to learn certain skills such as reading and math and to instill the desire to learn through a joyful and encouraging experience that provokes the skills of self-exploration. The nursery serves all employees working in government entities at Emirates Towers while adopting a futuristic model of early education to prepare children for different learning stages and provide them with the skills and tools that will make them ready for the future; this reflects the government’s focus on human investment since childhood.


  • The license holder should submit an electronic application, attaching the following documents (personal details of license holder + information on nursery)
  • Attach academic plan for nursery
  • Attach blueprints of the nursery
  • Issuance of preliminary approval to open nursery
  • The license holder should attach all approvals obtained from the relevant external authorities (Civil Defence + Municipality)
  • Issuance of the final license
  • License holder applies for a permit



Dubai offers an ecosystem that facilitates education, whether it’s early year education, British or American curriculum, primary or secondary schools. Dubai is a perfect place to nurture and train children during their early years.

Dubai residents can also choose to enroll their children in Dubai English Speaking College in the nearby Academic City, which follows the English national curriculum, or the Indian International School, which is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education in India.

The admissions in Dubai are still not easy as a growing volume of expatriates and Bizgate assures the investors with assistance that opening a nursery has a wide scope in the future. Pre-school or nursery education and any school trips within the curriculum or having an educational purpose are zero-rated for VAT.


Private and public school education will be held at a 0% VAT rate. However, private higher education institutions will be subject to 5% VAT.


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