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Company Registration and Licensing Gets Smoother with Us
When you are among UAE market for business, you need to be careful in your whole approach because the region has special rules as other countries have. In fact, here laws are quite complex. For instance, if you are looking for Holding Company License Registration in UAE, then you must find the right spot. In fact, if you want 100 percent ownership, then you should be choosing the free-zone. The laws are complex and certainly, it is not advisable to handle the legality of company licensing process on your own. You should find the expert organization or consulting firm for the job and that should be us.

Why should you choose our firm?
We are aware: As far as licensing of the company is concerned, we are aware of the complete process that includes the documents that you need. You do not need to worry about anything, all you have to do is to supply the required documents and we would help you in getting the Holding Company License Registration in UAE.

Quick and easy: When you are looking for licensing your company, you can certainly do it on your own if you wish to do so but it would be long and tedious job, however, you can have the luxury of getting the license easily and that can save a lot of time that you can spend in strategizing.

From the registration to the opening bank account and VAT registration, everything will be taken care of by us.

Complete company formation solution: Whether you are looking for Holding Company registration oryou’re looking for Freelance License Registration In UAE, we can handle the complexity of all kind if registration process and for that reason we are considered as one of the top-notch consulting firms.

We know the place and the process: You need a firm that knows the place. From instance, we can suggest you in finding the right location for your office depending upon the kind of registration that you need and we can also help you in finding the right office location. We can also help you in understanding the freelancing business nature here in this country. Our knowledge and expertise make us one of the most preferred and the best company for registering in the market.

Efficient team and cost-friendly solution: We have a team that is highly qualified and experienced to carry out the job. Our professionals are quite aware of all the aspects of the company formation process and they come with vast industry experience in UAE.

In addition, our price is quite friendly, we want to accommodate everyone and it is the client-centric approach that makes us work in a decisive manner while giving the best solution at the best cost and price range.

Whether you are looking for FreelanceLicense Registration in UAE or other kid of company formation process and procedure, we should be your ideal choice. So, call our team and find out how they can help you with getting your company registered.



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Mainland Company Setup

Complete exemption
from corporate tax
Possible to operate from UAE
No Capital requirements
No currency restrictions
Employment visa processing made simple
Repatriation of profits and capital
No audit requirements
Minimum responsibility and maximum benefits
2 Persons can open up an LLC
The maximum number persons or employees an LLC can have is 50

If you want to open an LLC in Dubai then you have to invest a minimum of AED 300,000/- or USD 81,744/- which is abysmally when compared to the higher forms of organization set ups.
If you want to open an LLC in emirates other than Dubai, then the capital requirement is further down to AED 150,000/- or USD 40, 872/-

Draft the MOA and AOA
Help in obtaining approval from DED
Registering the company name
Acquiring out an office space