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How to obtain a consultancy license in Dubai? | Business Setup in Dubai

Today providing any kind of expertise can be done for monetary exchange. Just a few decades ago, people reached out to professional acquaintances, family members, and friends for practical advice on important life events, choosing a career path and even on how to run a business. Now, however, those with knowhow of niche activities can start their own business with consultancy license in Dubai.


Types of consulting services

With a consultancy license in Dubai, one can start a business for providing advice on several areas including those listed below:



Assisting candidates preparing to appear in various admission tests

Helping students apply for higher studies



Guiding applicants on eligibility, documentation, processes


Company Formation

Providing range of services to help entrepreneurs with business setup


Strategy Building

Management of resources and goals

Help firms become strategy focused


Project Management

Managing a company project may include planning, organizing, and managing resources of a firm of a fixed term


Investment & Financial Advisory

Providing investment options based on thorough market analysis

Consultation on strategy and implementation


Industrial Consulting

Providing solutions for evolving business requirements


Market Research & Analysis

Studying the marketplace to predict the viability of certain products and services


Sales & Marketing

Suggesting ways to improve lead generation

Boosting brands


VAT, Tax & Accounting

Helping companies make the most of their profit while adhering to the rules and regulations


Recruitment & HR

Scouting talents, onboarding & training staff, formulating policies, conducting exit formalities


Process & operations management

Analyzing the various processes of businesses to suggest suitable changes for optimization


Logistics & Shipping

Offering solutions for storage of products, pick up and deliveries to business, especially e-commerce


Information Technology

Providing various types of technical support



Services catering to technology and engineering aspects



Educating clients on legal aspects of their activities to keep them out of trouble


Risk Management & Compliances

Predicting potential risk factors to effectively manage them


Documents required for license application

The business of providing advice falls under the professional category. Therefore, you can obtain a management consultancy license in Dubai mainland or the free zone. You also have the option of taking a commercial license.


The permit for such business is granted by the Department of Economic Development (DED). To apply for a consultancy license in Dubai, you to prepare the following documents:


Filled in the application form with other necessary documents supporting your business


A copy of all partners’ passports and visa


Two colored passport size photos


Based on the type of consultancy firm you want to set up, you will have to produce copies of specific approvals obtained from the government authorities concerned


If any of your shareholders hold a visit visa, their unified number must be provided


Step by step process to get a consultancy license in Dubai, UAE

The first step to getting a consultancy license in Dubai is to choose your business activity.


Register your company’s name


Choose a suitable company structure – Sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC), a branch office of a foreign company


Finalize your business location – mainland or free zone


Pick a suitable office for your business based on your budget


Apply for a consultancy license by submitting the required documents and paying the license fees


Obtain your trade license


So, once your license is issued, you can proceed to apply for a UAE residence visa and also open a corporate bank account.


Cost of setting up a consultancy business in Dubai

Setting up a consultancy company does not stop at acquiring the trade license. You can avail an all-inclusive package worth AED 18,500 from Bizgate Business Setup Services and kick start your business.


Bizgate comprehensive package includes your investor visa for life! More importantly, we will pay for your renewals as long as you are associated with Bizgate. Below are the other services you can enjoy:


·        Professional trade license fee for mainland company

·        Initial and name approvals

·        Tasheel fees

·        LSA notary fees

·        Corporate service fees

·        Immigration card

·        Emirates ID

·        Medical test cost

·        Status change

·        Visa stamping

·        Bank assistance

·        Tax consultation

·        VAT registration


Get started now!

Whether you want a management consultancy license in Dubai or HR consultancy in Dubai, Bizgate will help you with the entire process. Why stop at acquiring your consultancy license in Dubai when we are offering to pay for your lifetime investor visa? Call or WhatsApp us+971 56 220 1709 or drop an email to



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