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How to open a SPA in Dubai? | Business Setup in Dubai

How to open a spa in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai, UAE, is home to several businesses in different domains. It is a popular tourist destination with millions of people flying in and out every year. Not to mention the world-famous chains of hotels and restaurants present here.


Dubai has some of the richest people in the world, heading some of the best companies to ever have existed. One such business domain that seems to be increasingly strengthening its hold is the beauty and care industry. And a good SPA can never be a no. It is the easiest way to pamper yourself and relax.


The corporate lifestyle of Dubai with so many ex-pats here includes attending meetings, parties, and networking with the international crowd. All of this while looking their best. This is one reason why obtaining a SPA license in Dubai is profitable. If you can give your clients an unforgettable and relaxing experience, you can become a leading spa center in Dubai. The opportunities are many; you just have to grab them.


And so, in this blog, we will walk you through the process of how to open a SPA in Dubai, the prerequisites for establishing a spa setup in Dubai, and how to get a spa license in Dubai.


What will you need to start a SPA in Dubai?

Besides a valid SPA license in Dubai, you will need a few other things to establish or run a spa. Following is a brief overview of the same:


You must have a signboard which should be placed in front of your SPA.

The SPA must be divided into separate areas for different activities. For instance, a dedicated space for manicures, pedicures, hair removal, haircut, massages, etc.


The distance between the floor and the ceiling must not be less than 2.3 meters.

Dressing chairs in your spa must meet the minimum size requirements. They should be at least 3 meters wide and 3.5 meters in length.


The SPA must have a washbasin beside or inside the facial treatment area.

You must have hot water facilities in your SPA, necessitating the installation of a water heater.


Also, ensure that your hair-removing instruments are fireproof.


The SPA must have adequate lighting to ensure a smooth spa process.

The cosmetics and towels must be stored in cupboards and drawers, respectively. Thus, you must have cupboards and drawers for storage.


All the furniture should be clean and must meet the standards.

You must have a disposal bed sheet role in your spa to cover the beds after use.

All your products must be Product Safety Division of Dubai Municipality registered. These include your cosmetics and personal care products.


The use of machines in the spa must be approved by the Dubai Health Authority.


What is the step-by-step process to open a SPA in Dubai?


No business setup in Dubai is possible without proper documentation and verification. Following is a list of documents you will need to submit to the relevant authorities for obtaining a massage center license Dubai:


·        Passport copies

·        Passport size photos

·        Entry visa or stamp page


Note: The list of documents changes with the activities. The above-mentioned documents are only some of the many you will have to submit. Bizgate business expert advisors can give you a detailed list of documents, as well as, help organize your documents to avoid any delay or mishaps in the setting up process.



The final cost of a SPA setup Dubai is hard to say. It depends on several determining factors. For instance, the space of your SPA, the services you want to provide, and the facilities you want to introduce in your SPA, and more. 


Furthermore, it depends on whether you are setting up your SPA from scratch or if it is a franchise SPA. As for an estimate, the starting cost of a SPA license in Dubai is AED 6,500 with an additional 5% market fees based on market value.



1. Ideation

Every business setup starts with an idea and an elaborative plan to execute the idea. It is best to have everything on the paper, including your requirements, wishes, growth plan, floor plan, and more. This will give you a launching pad and clarity to understand how to open a spa in Dubai.


2. Choose a Name

The next step is to choose a name for your SPA. The authorities in Dubai and UAE have listed specific rules for naming a company. The rules are many, and your chosen business name must not break any. Also, the name should be available for registration. Furthermore, there are some additional rules for certain activities.


Hence, choosing a name can be a brainstorming process that may require you to go back and forth. Bizgate business advisor can explain the rules and help you choose a name that is available.


3. Decide the Location

Dubai allows you to set up a spa in two places – Mainland and the Free Zones. Both these locations have their own advantages and disadvantages.


You must consider several factors like the amount of control, access, tax benefits, and ownership rights. This step is crucial for two reasons. One, it will later help you find a space to rent, and two, you will know which authority to submit your documents to.


4. Apply for a Spa License

To successfully obtain a spa license in Dubai, you need several permits from the Dubai Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality, and others. Once you have all the documents in place with your name registration approval, you can apply for the license.

Bizgate business advisor can advise you on the same and help you obtain these permits seamlessly to avoid any mishaps.


5. Rent a space

Renting a space is a requisite for a SPA setup in Dubai. You will have to get the space registered and obtain your Ejari number with the tenancy contract from the relevant authorities.


6. Hire Staff

Hiring well-trained, experienced staff is central to your SPA business. They are the ones who will be delivering the services to your clients. Thus, playing a crucial role in customer experience.


Dubai is home to many experienced professionals. However, it also allows you to hire people from outside. For this, you will have to sponsor their visas as an employer.


Start Your SPA Business With Bizgate

Bizgate Business Setup Services is a pioneering force that can help you with your SPA business setup in Dubai. Although the process is not much complicated, assistance from Bizgate will make it effortless.


We will help you organize your documents, inform you about the various permits, and even help you obtain them. All you have to do is get in touch with us!



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