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The concept of sustainable city in Dubai

The concept of Sustainable City is a new dimension added to the real estate businesses of Dubai, UAE. This indicates broader side of the mission & vision of the future to set up a benchmark in sustainable life style, where the commutation will be done in an eco friendly way, food that would be consumed will be through the organic farming, the waste of the is managed to generate the electricity and cooking gas with the help of effective management and Solar energy plays the vital role among all the measures. Since UAE government has the future vision, then do not worry to ask that, How to start the business in Dubai ? & what is the LLC company cost in UAE? To the Biz Gate, as once you place.

The solar panels within the city produce so much electricity that copes with all the demands of the entire city. The demand of the electricity is also cut down and achieved effectively with the aspect that endures the combination of passive and active design features for examples the residences are facing the north direction to reduce the maximum effect of the sun shine and this measure is important because for three months, which leads to considerably less energy consumptions because for three months the temperature is above forty five degrees.

Depletion in the Carbon foot prints

The constructions done with the steel and concrete are responsible for the green houses gases. The city is designed concerning the climatic changes as well that may occur in next 3 decades. Now do not worry for the business setup in UAE!

The zero net energy is the concept that works in the sustainable city which means that the city produces itself the sufficient energy that is consumed by the city.

The city is also going to be a carbon neutral city which means that whatever the amount of green gas is emitted by the city will be re absorbed back by the effective measures. Call us to know LLC Company cost in UAE!

The goal of the city is also to bring down the fresh water consumption to reduce the brine deposited into the seas after desalination of the salt water, and brine is very harmful for the marine ecosystem.

Where there is a city there is waste, so is here as well, since the city is sustainable the no waste is spared to spoil the environment because the garbage of city waste also emits the green house gases, so the city has its own facility to dump and treat the garbage.

Commutation is done by the means of transports which are responsible for 90 percent of global green house gases emission while forty percent of total contribution in Dubai’s environment is done by the transportation

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