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The UAE Food & Beverage market: Trends & opportunities | Business Setup in Dubai

The UAE Food & Beverage market: Trends & opportunities

The food and beverage market in UAE is among leaders in the Middle East. This is due to the constant influx of tourists that travel to the country all year. Reports suggest that the food industries in UAE are likely to see a 7% year on year increase. The most popular industries are food trading business, food truck business, cloud kitchens, catering companies, restaurants, and bakeries in Dubai. 


Covid-19 hit numerous industries adversely, stifling commercial growth. However, restaurants & service-based industries were the hardest hit. UAE Businesses were complete shutdown for several months of the initial stages, and some even saw permanent closures. Travel restrictions & voluntary quarantines took an additional toll on the food and beverage market in UAE.  


Now, UAE has fully opened its doors to the world. The surge of visitors and investors who visit ready to either sample Dubai’s gastronomic offerings or invest in the recovering food industries in UAE


5 reasons to invest in the food & beverage market 

Dubai needs no reason for people to build their lives there. However, we will still give you 5 solid causes for investing in the food industries in UAE. 


Melting pot for tourism 

The rich cultural heritage that is constantly swirling in Dubai means that there is a huge demand for cuisines that represent those cultures. Businesses in the UAE benefit from the interest generated by tourists and locals alike when it comes to sampling the produce of international countries. 


New innovations in industry 

Dubai is ground zero for some of the latest inventions and regulations. Global events like Gulfood Manufacturing acti as a hub for showcasing global products, solutions & technologies for the food and beverage industry. The event will also provide a platform to discuss rising concerns like rising food prices, sustainable growth, balancing inflation, food engineering, and more. 


Unparalleled hospitality offerings 

Dubai has some of the best restaurants & hotels in the world. From the quintessential Burj al Arab, to new developments like the Atlantis the Royal, Dubai is a pioneer in the hotel industry. Apart from that, areas such as Downtown Dubai, JBR, Dubai Marina etc. are famous for the diversity of food they present. Undoubtedly, these places allow for the food & beverage market in UAE to boom. And what’s more, you can easily get a restaurant license in Dubai


Effective infrastructure 

The UAE government has aimed to make Dubai one of the most ultra-modern cities by 2050. Aligning with that, Dubai has some of the best amenities that ensure that the general populace find utmost ease in their day-to-day operations.  


Ease of company formation 

The business setup process in UAE is smooth & hassle-free. Companies can choose between Dubai mainland or any of its free zones. Both areas have their respective regulations, but with experts like Bizgate, you can easily start your food business in Dubai.  


Dubai’s famously expedited licensing process allows you to start your food and beverages business in UAE immediately. Utilize the expertise of an established company formation consultant to ensure that your registration process goes smoothly and more importantly, error-free.  


Trade opportunities in the Food & Beverage Market in UAE 

Over the years, there has been a steady evolution in food industries in UAE, especially in food processing industries. Other factors such as growing population & increase in the per capita income have led to an increase in food & beverage products in the market.  


Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Dubai experienced no shortage of food. The cause of this was the diverse import strategy & develop trade logistics infrastructure adopted by the government. In fact, a study by the Dubai Chamber states that UAE recorded a 6% growth of fresh food products (reaching up to $7.9 billion) & 4% growth in sales of packaged food products in 2020 itself.  


Moreover, the UAE food and beverage market saw a year-on-year surge of 255% in online sales, which is projected to reach $619 million by 2025. All these are signs that the UAE is primed for setting itself as the leader for the food trading business.


Bizgate helps you beat the trend 

With the food industries in UAE seeing a major boost, investors across the world are seeing great potential for business opportunities. Restaurants, food trucks, catering businesses, bakeries, etc. are some of the easiest licenses to get in Dubai. 


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