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How to get industrial license in RAKEZ? | Business Setup in Dubai

How to get industrial license in RAKEZ?

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is a globally renowned industrial hub known for its cost-effective business license packages combined with other incentives. Also known as the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ), this free zone has over 15,000 companies across 50 plus industry sectors.


A RAKEZ industrial license allows entrepreneurs to establish their manufacturing business in the UAE. Also, to get an industrial license in Ras Al Khaimah, companies will also have to mandatorily lease a warehouse. This particular corporate entity allows access to the large – scale global trade and access to over 17 nations.


Why do you need an Industrial License in RAKEZ? 

Industrial production refers to the transformation of goods from through either manual or mechanical processes. Raw materials, natural resources, primary products, go through a manufacturing process to create a final product. Additionally, you can also lease out a warehouse where produced goods can be segregated, packed, stored & shipped.


The UAE is emerging as the industrial center of the Middle East while promoting a business-friendly environment. The laws and regulations of the country are designed in such a manner that ensures any manufacturing business has all the necessary support they need to thrive. Ras al Khaimah, one of the most scenic emirates, has specially designated zones as well as industrial areas where manufacturers can start their operations with a RAKEZ Industrial License in hand.


List of activities under RAKEZ Industrial License 

·         Electronic equipment & appliances 

·         Chemical products 

·         Textile & ceramic products 

·         Construction material 

·         Petroleum products 

·         Foodstuff production

·         Automobile and spare parts       

·         Plastic & polymers 

·         Medicine & healthcare equipment 

·         Packaging material 

·         Metal & metal components 


How to get an industrial license in RAKEZ 

When applying for a RAKEZ industrial license, the first thing you need to do is get your documents ready. It is in your best interest to utilize the services of a reliable company formation expert like Bizgate who will submit all the paperwork as well as complete the licensing process on your behalf.


List of required documents 

·         Detailed business plan 

·         Duly filled application form 

·         Manufacturing plant blueprint 

·         Flow chart of manufacturing process 

·         Detailed list of equipment & machinery 

·         Passport copy & visa/entry stamp


Important Regulations 

·         Investors no longer need to show proof of funds or deposit any kind of capital investment to get the RAKEZ industrial license. 

·         To start your manufacturing business, it is mandatory to lease a warehouse that suits your specific business needs. You will also need to employ at least 10 workers in your care.  


RAKEZ Industrial License Cost 

Given the nature of the business activity, an industrial license setup in RAKEZ can cost around AED 18,000*This would include aspects like company registration, administrative costs, and immigration charges. However, the cost of leasing a warehouse will be additional and dependent on factors like size, location, power generation etc.  


Investors may also need to factor in costs for storage of goods, employee visa application cost, as well as accommodation needs. 


Top industrial zones in Ras al Khaimah  

Ras Al Khaimah has several designated industrial areas that are fully equipped to boost the operational aspects of a manufacturing business.  


Al Ghail 

The Al Ghail Industrial Zone is perfect for heavy, large-scale industries. The zone accommodates land plots of over 5,000 square meters for facility development. Al Ghail also has accommodation facilities for on-site staff and labour. You can also opt to form either free zone or non-free zone companies as well as avail visa benefits for employees and investing partners.


Al Hamra 

The Al Hamra Industrial Zone suits both heavy and light industries, with warehouse options ranging from 150 sq. meters to 10,000 sq. meters. It shares the same benefits as Al Ghail when it comes to free zone and non-free zone business setup & employee/investor visas. This industrial zone also offers labour accommodation, office space and land for development.  


Al Hulaila 

The Al Hulaila Industrial Zone is best suited for heavy-duty industrial manufacturing. The most important benefit of this industrial area is its proximity to the region’s largest bulk logistical hub, Saqr Port, which is critical to providing access to leading business centers. Like other RAK industrial zones, Al Hulaila also offers land, warehouses, staff accommodations, and office space.  


Benefits of a RAKEZ Industrial License 

Ras Al Khaimah is known for its efficient and affordable business setup process. There are several benefits that come with forming your manufacturing company here. Foremost is that you get exemption from custom duties for import of machinery and equipment. Additionally, companies are also exempt from paying import duty on spare parts, non-materials, semi-manufactured materials & packaging materials.


Necessary approvals needed for your manufacturing company 

Once the RAKEZ industrial license is issued, the next step is to get external approvals as well as local federal authorities. These include: 


·         Ras Al Khaimah Environment Protection & Development Authority (RAK EPDA) 

·         RAK Municipality and Department of Civil Defense 

·         Health Safety & Environment (HSE) 

·         Technical Support Service (TSS) 


It is important to note that HSE & TSS approvals are required to ensure that your warehouse is ISO compliant and will not be conducting illegal or prohibited activities in its premises. This is where experienced entities like Bizgate Business Setup come in. Their expertise in dealing with all types of government and official entities will help you get your application through smoothly and also without any errors.  


Bizgate makes industry setup easy 

UAE is the number one destination for any entrepreneur seeking to establish a world-wide business network. The country also offers ease of company formation, investor friendly laws & liberal tax regulations. It is also emerging as a lifestyle hub for investment & innovation. Start your industrial enterprise in the UAE with the help of Bizgate.


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