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How to start your pharmacist license in Dubai? | Business Setup in Dubai

How to start your pharmacist license in Dubai?

UAE has one of the fastest growing healthcare & pharmaceutical industries. As per projections, the local pharmaceutical market is set to achieve a valuation of over $4.7 billion by 2025. This is more than three times the growth from 2011. Overall, the market is expected to see a growth of 27 percent between 2021 to 2025. Therefore, now is an optimum time to acquire a pharmacist license in Dubai. 


It is safe to say that a pharmacy is a prominent business in Dubai, several of which line the city’s residential & commercial streets. The pharmacies in UAE are not just typical medicine shops. In fact, they offer a wide range of products & services, including medical consultations, health check-ups, lifestyle products and supplements.    


Opening a pharmacy business in UAE can be a versatile business idea.


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Understanding the growing need for pharmacies in Dubai 


Dubai is on the road to creating an unparalleled, global integrated healthcare system. As such, the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) is the official government healthcare regulatory body working towards this vision. As a result, the medical, pharma & healthcare sectors fall under the direct jurisdiction of the DHA.


Accordingly, they are the ones who set out the pharmaceutical standards, implement healthcare policies, establish regulations, and issue licenses for the healthcare companies in Dubai. Individuals, government entities, corporations, partnerships or Limited Liability Company (LLC) or any other business entity can legally start their pharmacy business in Dubai once they have an official permit from the Dubai Healthcare Authority.


Pharmacist license in Dubai: Registration process 


The process of opening your pharmacy business in Dubai begins with first obtaining your trade license. The Dubai Health Authority is the governing authority that issues the license. This will enable you to manufacture or sell pharmaceutical products.  


There are specific activities that fall under a pharmacist license. As per UAE’s Federal Law no. 4, 1993, a pharmacist license in Dubai allows individuals/companies to start the manufacturing, buying and/or selling of pharmaceutical products in the UAE. A pharmacist license in Dubai includes selling medical products as retail items to customers in residential areas, individual housing areas as well as residential complexes. The pharmacy license also extends to UAE registered private stores as per UAE company Laws.  


How to get pharmacist license in Dubai?


There are two phases of pharmacist registration in Dubai: Initial and final approval. Both these stages have different requirements.     


Initial approval process for pharmacy license 


·        First, you need to submit an application to the Health Regulation Department (HRD). The application will be for a new health facility and must have the details for the location such as plot number & blueprint (Schematic Design). These documents should also describe the general cross-section of the pharmacy building structure. 


·        Next, the HRD will undergo an in-depth review of your application. The initial approval will go through only if the documents are in accordance with the HRD regulations. 


·        In the scenario that the application is rejected, a detailed list of shortcomings is provided. You can correct the deficiencies and re-submit the application. 


·        The license process cannot go ahead without the initial approval. Next, the letter of approval goes to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) for mainland applications and to the respective authorities for free zone applications.


Final approval process for pharmacy license


·        After the initial approval process, the next step is to submit an online request for a final inspection by the Health Regulation Department. 


·        The Dubai Health Authority will issue the pharmacy license after checking that all recommendations are met. 


Pharmacy license requirements in Dubai


Because of the nature of the business activity, getting a pharmacy license in Dubai has some special requirements. First, the pharmacy has to mandatorily employ a pharmacist-in-charge who fulfills the minimum qualification standards outlined by the DHA. Additionally, a certain number of qualified pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians also need to be employed to the business. 


Within the store, it is mandatory to display the DHA license of the pharmacy at an appropriate place where it is clearly visible. The pharmacy also needs to clearly display its operational hours for the benefit of its customers. In terms of its space, a pharmacy in Dubai should have a minimum area of at least 30 sq. meters.  


In case you operate a pharmacy in Dubai mainland, you will need a UAE local sponsor along with your DHA license, to start your business.


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Dubai has strict regulations for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Therefore, any business entity wanting to start their pharmacy business must ensure that they comply with all the laws and regulations set by the DHA as well as the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. You will need to obtain the correct license and permits, which will authorize you to get your pharmacy license in Dubai. 


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