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How to open a Baqala in Abu Dhabi? | Business Setup in Dubai

How to open a Baqala in Abu Dhabi?

Every grocery store in Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of goods, from premium items to more affordable, lower-quality items. Project Baqala was launched by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (FDCA) in 2013 with the goal of providing higher-quality foods more broadly and affordably. 


This blog will explain you the requisites of how to open a Baqala in Abu Dhabi.

Project Baqala is in charge of all the groceries in Abu Dhabi. The development was to ensure the stores’ sustainability, quality, safety, and health. Any grocery store operating under this plan must use the same name as Baqala. Also, each company’s unique selling points will be highlighted in a smaller font to stand out without compromising quality.


What exactly is a Baqala?

The name Baqala, which roughly translates to “what comes from the ground,” is a historic Arabic term for grocery shops selling fruits, vegetables, and grains. As part of Abu Dhabi’s Development Vision 2030, the implementation of Baqala, boosting the sustainability, health, and safety standards for all of the emirate’s grocery stores. In this project, all supermarkets must utilize the name Baqala, with their individual names written in a smaller typeface to set them apart from one another. As a result, every food store in Abu Dhabi is cater as Baqala.

Every Baqala business in Abu Dhabi is required to uphold several requirements, including uniformed personnel, a standard shop layout, facilities, and proper security measures.


Eliminating any health risks to customers and employees that can result from a store’s lack of cleanliness and hygiene is one of the main objectives of implementing such standards.

The enhancement of customer satisfaction serves as the second justification for adhering to such rules. The cleanliness of the establishment will draw more customers inside, increasing foot traffic. The third and most important goal is to increase the store’s revenue.


How to start Baqala at Abu Dhabi?

There are precisely two important reasons why one should think about creating a Baqala in Abu Dhabi. Business setup in Abu Dhabi has its own set of motivations to get started.


Minimal Starting Expense

The cost of starting a Baqala is significantly lower than that of other businesses. The Baqala’s building will require more time and effort from the authorities.


Demand Never Fails

Due to the region’s ongoing population growth and the continued demand for household goods, supermarket stores will not soon experience lower demand. Furthermore, the market will always increase because Baqala is near or in close to residential regions.


What are the Baqala Requirements You Need to Take Care of?

A baqala in Abu Dhabi must maintain uniform store layouts and amenities. Some amenities include microwaves, high-quality coolers and refrigerators, store decorations, coffee stations, suitable security accessories, storage spaces, staff uniforms, price labels, and cash registers.


But that’s not all. There are a couple of other ADFCA’s Baqala requirements, which include the following:


·        A store may or may not be a member of the Baqala scheme. Independent retailers must use a modified version of the Baqala logo. These businesses are frequently run by sole proprietors or partners, with a minimum of one Emirati partner mandatory by law.

·        Each Baqala must be present and separated from one another by a minimum of 5,000 millimeters (5000 mm).

·        You must also adhere to environmental, safety, and pest management (against vermin and birds) rules. Additionally, you’ll need to safeguard your Baqala from weather conditions, including rain, storms, and flooding (waterproofing).

·        It is necessary to hide any external flaws or objects that rest on top of walls with plastic or polyvinyl chloride.

·        All outdoor AC compressors that are lower than 1200mm from the ground by a vented, powder-coated aluminum cage.

·        The storefront must also have unharmed 10–12mm thick aluminium-frame, protection of glass is mandatory. Use of rubber, gaskets, and sealant for air- and waterproofing also requires that they be in good condition.

·        Posters and stickers that are visually disruptive are just not welcome at the entryway. Furthermore, the door needs to have posted Baqala push and pull stickers and opening times.

·        You will have to turn over a thorough list of every item on sale at your store if you wish to receive clearance from the DED. A new list should be provided to the DED for initial approval if you want to add any other products to your inventory.


How to open a Baqala in Abu Dhabi?

To open a store in Abu Dhabi and get a Baqala license, you must do the following.


1. Branding & Logo

Firstly, the Baqala program may or may not be linked to a retailer. A non-affiliated store must display the Baqala logo. Most of the time, these companies are run by sole proprietors or partnerships, at least one has to be Emirati.


2. Geographical Area

Secondly, as a Baqala is a legitimate business, you must first find a location where you can set up shop. The law requires following all hygiene and protection requirements, including pest management and weather safety. At least 5,000 millimeters (5000 mm) must separate each Baqala from the next.


3. Authorization DED

Management must provide a thorough inventory of all things available at your firm to receive approval from Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. The administration must also transmit this list to the DED if it decides to add more things in the future.


4. Invoicing Software

You need a reliable mechanism for issuing invoices. The UAE government has mandated that you must physically deliver invoices to your customers for any goods they buy from your Baqala.


5. Correct Price Tag

All of your Baqala’s products need to be cost effective. The government of the United Arab Emirates has imposed this as a requirement.


6. Nomenclature

The trade name on the license and on the signs must match. You can amend the name Baqala in any way.


7. Trademark

You need to register a trademark with the government to sell any food products.


Cost of opening a Baqala in Abu Dhabi

The cost of obtaining a Baqala license in Abu Dhabi might be a one-time investment that yields significant returns. It is crucial to remember that several factors affect how much it will cost to create and license a catering service. These expenses include rent of the shop as per its space, license fees, groceries rent, visas, and more. As a result, it is hard to disclose the precise cost.


However, Bizgate Business Setup experts can help you with the exact cost after calculating all the expenses. If you’re unsure about starting a grocery store in Dubai, our professionals can assist you with establishing any form of business in the UAE.


Open Your Baqala with Bizgate

Worried about how to open a grocery store in Abu Dhabi? Opening a Baqala requires you to meet a host of standards. However, these standards often may not be easy to meet. As a result, taking assistance from an expert is a wise decision. Bizgate Business Setup will help you open a Baqala in Abu Dhabi.


We will explain the compliance requirements in detail, take care of the documentation needs, get the initial approvals from the DED, and ensure you don’t overspend. Contact us by phone +971 4 456 0732 or via WhatsApp at +971 56 220 1709. Instead, you can send us an email at

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