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Is a medical trading company formation in Dubai a good idea?

Healthcare industry is among the evergreen sectors that never face loss. Medical equipment and products are always in demand and there is almost zero risk in setting up a medical equipment trading company. The world is dealing with one of the biggest pandemics of human history right now which has made people even more aware about their physical and mental wellness. There is no doubt that once this phase is over, people or going to invest more in their health. Also, the UAE government is very aware about improving the country’s healthcare structure.
So, if you are planning a business setup in Dubai, you can consider a medical equipment trading company formation in Dubai. In this blog, we have discussed all the things to be considered before deciding to set-up a medical equipment trading company in Dubai.


To set-up a company, you have to specify an activity that your business deals with. There are plenty of options to choose from that belong to different industries. In case of a medical equipment trading business, you can choose any one of the below two:

• Medical, surgical articles, & requisites trading

• Medical surgical equipment, & instruments trading

Now, let’s understand both these options in detail like what they are and the items they deal with:

Medical, Surgical Articles, & Requisites Trading

This activity falls under the activity group ‘Medicines Trading’. If your company deals with precise medical apparatuses and specific instruments that may be used for treating specific health conditions, you are supposed to pick this one. The tradable items include artificial limbs, medical shoes, replacement parts used to replace damaged organs, batteries used for cardiac patients, etc.

Medical Surgical Equipment, & Instruments Trading

This is another activity of the above mentioned activities which falls under the activity group ‘Mechanical & Engineering Equipment Trading’. If your business deals with trading of various equipment and instruments used in hospitals and healthcare facilities for diagnosis, giving physical therapy, treatment, or x-rays, you should choose this activity for your medical equipment trading business setup in Dubai. The tradable items include all the manual kits, equipment and instruments used for different checkups, operations, bandaging, and sterilization.


For a medical equipment company formation in Dubai, you need to apply for a commercial license and register your company in Dubai mainland. As a foreign businessperson, you can only register your company as an LLC company after finding a UAE national as your sponsor who holds 51% shares of the business. For further assistance, you can reach a dependable business setup company.


The UAE is entrepreneurs’ favorite destination for starting a business. People from all over the world are looking forward to setting up a company in the country because of the lucrative benefits that come with it. Furthermore, considering the fact that the UAE government is all set to build new hospitals that are laced with state-of-the-art equipment and all the latest healthcare facilities in the coming years, setting up a medical equipment trading company can be a great idea to go ahead with!

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