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How to start a car wash business in Dubai, UAE? | Business Setup in Dubai

The luxurious lifestyle one can pursue in the UAE is popular all over the globe. Today, every second person in the Emirates owns a car. Thus, presenting a lucrative business opportunity to start a car wash business in Dubai. A geographical factor that makes this a massive industry is the desert-like conditions that make car owners get their vehicles cleaned and washed regularly.


New-age investors can explore creative solutions like waterless car wash services or promote the usage of eco-friendly cleansing agents to make a name for their brand in the marketplace.


What are the steps to start a car wash business in the UAE?


Follow the steps given below to become one among the many established car wash companies in Dubai:


1. Finalize your activities

You can get in touch with the Department of Economic Development (DED) to access the list of approved business activities for car washing services. Next, you must shortlist the ones you wish to carry out once you set up your car wash business in Dubai.


Business aspirants don’t need to worry even if any of the desired business activity isn’t mentioned in the list. All you need to do is connect with the company formation experts at Bizgate, and we’ll help you acquire external approvals for all these activities.


2. Reserve a business name

Do you have a name in mind for your car wash venture in the UAE? If not, compile a curated list of 3-4 desired names and send them to the concerned jurisdiction for their scrutiny. The department will get back to you with their suggestions and a report highlighting the availability of trade names.


Ensure that you follow all the naming guidelines and refrain from using names that are gimmicks of other brands. Furthermore, never use terms that have references to a God and use a person’s full name if you wish to use it as the official name of your car wash business in the UAE.


3. Choose a location for your car wash company

Several laws govern the establishment of a car wash company in the UAE. For example, it’s imperative to open a car wash center near a gas/oil station or in an industrial area if you wish to open your company in the mainland region.


Therefore, always understand the pros and cons of each business zone before finalizing the location. The business expert advisor at Bizgate summarize all these points for you to ensure you choose the ideal location for your car wash company.


4. Obtain a car wash license

Investors can now have complete ownership of their car wash business in Dubai, be it in the mainland or any of the free zones, thanks to the latest amendments made to the Companies Law. Therefore, you can apply for a car wash license in Dubai directly to the DED (for the mainland) or to the concerned jurisdiction (for free zones) to launch your company in the Emirates.


Note that a parking car wash license in Dubai costs around AED 10,500 to AED 14,000. Furthermore, you must renew your car wash license each year to maintain its validity. Remember, your name shouldn’t feature in the defaulter’s list, or else it could lead to legal repercussions.


5. Arrange for visas

The last step is managing visas for yourself and your loved ones to ensure everyone’s safe stay in the Emirates. It’s a straightforward four-stage process, and all you need to do is submit the mandatory documents alongside the visa applications.


The concerned governing body will evaluate your documents, and grant visas post successful verification. Note that the number of eligible visas depends on your company’s size and investment plan.


Points to consider before incorporating a car wash business in Dubai


Car washing is a multifaceted service that includes carpet cleaning, exterior washing, dry cleaning, and a lot more. Therefore, you should be crystal clear about the services you offer to ensure that you apply for the appropriate car wash license in Dubai.


In addition, the location you choose for your car wash venture also plays a vital role. The space should be enough to avoid the commotion of vehicles and facilitate hassle-free vehicle queuing. Moreover, up your marketing game to let your target audience know about your venture by leveraging offline and online marketing channels.


What is the car wash license cost in Dubai?


The overall car wash license cost in Dubai is a cumulative sum of various payments you make throughout the establishment process. This includes the payments made for trade name reservation, external approvals, ejari (tenancy contract), and a lot more.


Furthermore, variables like location, business activities, employee visas, and the service charges also add to the cost. Therefore, you can consider a spend of at least AED 18,500 to kickstart your carwash business in Dubai. However, you should get in touch with the business expert advisor at Bizgate and describe your business model to get accurate quotations.


Documents required to set up a car wash business in the UAE


Here’s a curated list of documents you’ll need to open a Dubai car wash company:


·        Passport copy of the applicant

·        NOC from your local service agent

·        Payment receipt of trademark registration

·        A valid tenancy contract

·        Copy of your visit visa/tourist visa/residence or investor visa

·        Approval from the Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Municipality

·        A comprehensive business plan document


Start your car wash company in Dubai!


The business expert advisor at Bizgate make light work of all the legalities involved in launching a car wash business in the UAE. You can also rank among the top car wash companies in Dubai if you follow the right steps, understand the diversities of the UAE’s lucrative marketplace, and market your brand as the best at what it does.

Our business expert advisor will help you find the ideal corporate bank for your venture, finalize the business location, manage the paperwork, and do everything else you need to start your dream venture in the UAE.

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