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How to start company in Ajman Media City Free zone? | Business Setup in Dubai


Know your free zone: Ajman Media City FZ

Formed in 2018, the Ajman Media City Free zone offers services in the Emirate of Ajman. The free zone boosts competitiveness and increases business activities among local and regional businesses. The strategic location of the free zone makes it a viable option for many investors.


The AMCFZ is adjacent to the seaport and is just a 40 minutes’ drive from Dubai. The free zone enhances business opportunities for freelancers and several other manufacturers and traders.


The Ajman media city free zone accommodates entrepreneurs and SME’s specializing in the media sector through a variety of licensing packages.


Overview of Ajman Media City


Ajman Media City FZ came to formation in 2018. Due to its low-cost packages, it immediately became one of the bestsellers among free zones in the United Arab Emirates.

AMCFZ has 7 different packages starting from 0 visa and ending up with over 5 resident visa allocations.


The free zone offers niche services and accommodates media-related activities. It does not have warehouses or land for lease. But it is ideal for those entities who can accommodate with a shared desk or a small office.


Ajman Media City company registration is known for its hassle-free company registration process and can be done in no time.


Benefits of Ajman Media City Free Zone

·        It is a cost-efficient free zone

·        Fully remote setup

·        Up to five business activities in 1 license

·        Presence of client is not required at the time of incorporation


Shared workspaces, easy registrations, flexible processes, and professional guidance at every step of company formation are major benefits for investors.



AMCFZ offers a wide range of facilities such as:

·        Desk space for 10 hours a month

·        Shared permanent desk space

·        Shared permanent office

·        Full-time executive office


Business activities

Ajman Media City Free Zone has a specific list of activities. Most of which are related to advertising, media, and IT segments. Some trading activities are available too.

Generically, activities will fall under the following groups:


·        Service/consultancy

·        E-commerce

·        Media related trading

AMC free zone allows up to five business activities under one license. Activities do not have to be similar to each other.

Some notable activities include:

·        Legal activities

·        Social media influencer

·        Courier activities

·        Temporary employment agency activities and more


However, at least one of the activities must be media related. Ajman Media City allows a mix of commercial and service-related activities at no extra costs. The activities should align and represent the same type of business.


Company setup in Ajman Media City Free Zone

Company registration in AMCFZ can be done without your visit to the free zone. Entrepreneurs can get their Ajman Media City Free Zone license at a very reasonable cost, when they connect with the experts at Shuraa Business Setup. 


You need to prepare the following documents and details for the registration:


Passport copy with a UAE entry stamp copy/resident visa copy


Passport size photo (if you apply for visa eligible company)


Contact details


Incorporation usually takes 3 business days. Upon completion investors will receive these documents:

·        Trade license

·        Shares Certificate

·        Certificate of Incorporation

·        Proof of Good Standing

·        Certificate of Incumbency

·        Tenancy Contract


Resident Visa

The resident visa in Ajman Media City Free Zone is cheaper than any other free zone in UAE. A partner visa and an employment visa are valid for a span of 2 years. Health insurance is not required for visa processing at AMC.


Renewal of Ajman Media City Trade License


AMCFZ company renewal procedure can be completed remotely. The documents required for the process are:


·        authorization letter

·        renewal fees


The renewal fees are similar to that of the license registration cost.


Connect with Bizgate Business Setup Services to get your Ajman Media City Free Zone License



The Ajman Media City Free zone is a fast-growing free zone which has one of the lowest business setup registration costs in the UAE. The procedure can be done in real time with easy services.


Free zones like these are well suited for startups and those who need speedy processing or businesses who operate online. To start your business in the Ajman Media City Free Zone, contact Bizgate Business Setup Services. Our assistance will help you set up your business smoothly and efficiently.


To get in touch with our business expert advisor, call or whatsapp us at +971 56 220 1709. You can email us also at



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